Anastasia Komleva


Anastasia Komleva is the creator and designer of Guillory Jewelry.

Born in a small town in Russia, she currently divides her time between Moscow, Antwerp and Madrid, where she gets her inspiration.

As a teenager, she was obsessed with fashion, and although she started designing at a young age, “fashion designer” never seemed a real career option.

While she was working in brand marketing in Moscow, she realized that fashion never left her heart. And one day, she invested in materials and took up where she left off.

One thing led to another. The jewelry started selling and at one point she decided to settle down in Antwerp, where she would have all the required tools to start a successful Jewelry atelier.

Today, there is a group of passionate and creative people working for Guillory, giving the best of themselves, challenging themselves and Anastasia every day to take the brand to the next level.

These days, her focus is on the design of every single piece of jewelry. Her goal is to give every single piece of Guillory the typical look of vintage romantic glamour, with a hint of contemporary ethnic chic.

Every single item is handmade with high-quality, traditional and contemporary materials that we discover in every corner of the world, and is meticulously finished.